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We serve a wide range of businesses both local and national including major hotel brands throughout the U.S., many of which have been with us since inception. The reason? Properties enjoy a complete staffing solution which includes training, supervision, and screening. 


We understand that growing businesses usually require modular solutions. A&B Staffing can provide your organization with a “Total Quality Care Staffing Solution” that fits your changing business needs. With A&B Staffing complete staffing programs, our customers are able to focus on other aspects of their business like “Revenue Generating Activities”.  Many organizations lose focus on these activities and place higher emphasis in recruiting, hiring and payroll duties, which in turn can reduce your organization’s level of customer service and satisfaction.




  • HR headaches due to staffing and hiring issues

  • High operating cost due to overtime

  • Deficiency of skilled labor during seasonal peaks

  • Difficulty managing and supervising your growing labor force

  • Inability to manage daily operational activities resulting from employee call-offs


If your organization is experiencing any of the above conditions, why not allow A&B Staffing experts to provide you with a free Staffing Evaluation? We will provide you and your organization with a contract labor alternative that will:


  1. Eliminating your HR staffing and hiring headache since A&B Staffing will handle the entire hiring, screening and staffing process.

  2. Reduce your high operation cost by supplementing all of your staffing needs, thereby reducing your overtime and payroll costs.

  3. A&B Staffing has the ability to provide the right resources in order to accomplish your goals.  We utilize an employee database management solution & QSP (Quality Selection Process) that profile and match our associates to our client’s requirements.

  4. A&B Staffing provides a high quality service program which includes; supervision training and on site supplemental support for our associates.

  5. A&B Staffing is extremely responsive to our client’s needs.  We are always a phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.



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